LunAres offer

Space is More is the designer and operator of the LunAres facility for manned mission simulation. The station provides full isolated, controlled conditions supporting research in the fields of health and sustainability. It’s designed for 6-member crew, with 176 square meters of habitable space and 250 square meters of Extravehicular Activity Area (intended for “spacewalks”). The living space is organized in 7 individual modules connected with the multifunctional atrium area. Each unit provides space for a specific function including Biological Laboratory, Kitchen, Office, Workshops, Gym, Sanitary Module and Dormitory. 

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Mission organization

During the mission campaigns, we organize multiple missions inside the LunAres station. They differ in terms of the main objectives of research and experiments. Our customers can apply individually for a mission fully organized by Space is More or rent the entire facility as an institution for their own studies. 

The applications for missions are carefully examined by the administrative team and psychologists. The form for crew applications can be found here.

In case of renting a facility, the institutions are asked to fill a request, which will be considered in the planning. More info can be found here.

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Research organization

Our customers can propose to perform their own experiments during the mission. The technical requirements for the experiments are assured to the possible extent. The current equipment allows for studies related to the topics of psychology, health, water recycling, food production and EVA prototyping. Experiments are not limited to a single mission; the station is configured to allow research to take place over multiple missions to enhance data collection. 

Additionally, the isolated environment and technical equipment of the LunAres provide great hab space for cutting edge products and service testing. The currently developed innovations concern smart telemetry and ecological indoor systems.

More information about how to propose own research can be found here.

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Touring and Hackathons organization

Between the mission campaign seasons, we organize tours and public events inside the LunAres to share the knowledge and passion with others. Explore the station and learn how we support the development of the science and space sector. See how the analogue astronauts live and how the experiments are performed. For the youngest interested, we additionally offer a series of workshops and lectures on the topic of space. 

Besides the educational tours, inside the LunAres station, we organize training and hackathons for student teams. The mechanical and electronic workshop provides professional equipment for groups, who work on rovers, EVA accessories or other designs with application in space. 

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