Aeroponic Unit

Year: 2017

Type: Engineering research

Team: Joanna Kuźma, Leszek Orzechowski, Arkadiusz Mirecki, Justyna Wojtaczka

Project founded from the program Climate-KIC

The aeroponic unit is a modular indoor installation for plants cultivation. It uses the soilless farming system and special nourishment. The growth is stimulated by the artificial LED lighting with optimal full spectrum.

Aeroponic unit is equipped with a light sensor that adjusts the artificial luminous flux so that the luminous flux delivered to the plants is always the same – regardless of external conditions like sun or other source of artificial light. The unit also has the ability to control the irrigation cycle and is equipped with a EC meter, pH meter and water level sensor.

Most commercially available aeroponic installations do not take into account aesthetic considerations, so they are not a decorative element. Because of that the aim of the project is to create an aesthetic installation simple to use, but giving the opportunity to conduct research and control the conditions of plant growth.

The system is currently developed and tested in the LunAres Research Station.