MaMBA racks

Year: 2018

Type: Research, Engineering and Ergonomic Study, IAC Conference Presentation

Team: Christiane Heinicke, Leszek Orzechowski, Agata Mintus



The concept of the rack system was created for the MaMBA laboratory module design. The main idea was to propose a modular system, that could be easily adjusted to the function of the module and to different activities performed in the laboratory. The presented design is based on a scissor mechanism, that could be the structural frame of the racks. It allows the equipment to be easily disassembled and compactly stored during launches or when not used. 

The dimensions of the racks are dictated by the ergonomic requirements for laboratory and workshop spaces. There are two types – standing, with countertop and hanging, which could be located below the ceiling or connected to the modules below to form a column. Space of each module could be used for different purposes, such as storage, experiments, liquids and gas containers. Moreover, the side and back surfaces could be equipped with a panel of various plugs and valves allowing the racks to be connected to the installations on the walls and in between the modules.