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Year: 2018

Type: Architectural Concept Competition, Volume Zero

Team: Agata Mintus, Wojciech Fikus, Leszek Orzechowski

Topics: self-sufficient Martian base, integration of life support system with architecture, modular structure


The concept focuses on the integration of structure with the life support system. By implementing the installation in the shielding of the station, the circulation of water, air, wastes is homogenous and closed around the whole habitat. The inspiration for the multilayered structure of the shielding panel was the ESA MELISSA project. Cell panel contains MLI, water that also stands for radiation protection, algae converting CO2 into O2 and water purification. Cell frame would incorporate power, data, lights and vents. A basic building block for creating human habitat on Mars. Additionally, the light system including both UV and IR was designed to simulate daylight cycle and stimulate both crew and plants. The form of the station establishes an integration of habitat and a mining infrastructure to provide a necessary source of water, soil, geothermal energy.  

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