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Year: 2017 – present

Type: realization

Collaboration: Space is More, Space Garden

Topic: analog habitat

The LunAres Research Station is an analogue habitat for manned space mission simulation and space technology development. Facility provides full isolation, laboratory/workshop equipment and smart telemetry system for gathering data. The research performed in the station is focused on the psychological and physiological impacts of the long-term extra terrestrial human presence. The simulation of isolation is supported by an artificial daylight system, monitoring of supplies and self-sufficient character of some systems. 

The habitat is designed for a 6-member crew, providing 176m2 of habitable space and 250m2 Extravehicular Activity (EVA) area. It consists of 7 modular containers providing various functions and indoor conditions: BioLab (laboratory), Galley (kitchen +storage), Dormitory (private capsules), Operations, Gym, Workshop, Sanitary Module. The functional plan was determined based on the literature and existing references providing separation of noisy-quiet, private-common and dirty-clean spaces, while enabling fast access and productivity.

Since the establishment in 2017, the research performed in LunAres station during 10 carried missions contributed to 26 scientific publications. The studies concerned medicine, psychology, architecture, sociology and engineering.

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