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Year: 2019

Type: Realization Project for research purpose

Team: Agata Mintus, Leszek Orzechowski, Joanna Jurga

Sanitary Module in LunAres

A new sanitary module was designed for the LunAres Research Station to enable studies on recycling grey water for both purposes, flashing toilet and watering plants. The unit is located in a 30 square meter sea container equipped with basic hygiene installations and devices accessible for the disabled. Additionally, there is an experimental space included, which can be used for potential hydroponic laboratory. All installations in the container are accompanied by separates flow meters for detailed monitoring of water usage. The module also includes a dry toilet that produces compost as well as a separated compartment destined for a greenhouse. The toilet is primed with a substrate for initiating composting – coconut husk fibres. This allows for extended collection pre usage in a hydroponic system.

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