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Space is More offer concerns three types of service: R&D Design, Education&Outreach and LunAres offer. Thanks to the interdisciplinary character of the team we can provide support and consultancy in various fields of research: (space) architecture design using BIM modelling and analyzing tools, space mission design, mechanical and chemical engineering. We offer both, concepts development, as well as detailed studies coordination. Moreover, we provide a professional visualisation of the projects, enhancing the media and market attraction of the idea.

Another offer regards the organization of educational events such as lectures, workshops and exhibitions. One of our goals is to inspire young students and kids interested in science and engineering, therefore we gladly take part in various educational programmes for schools and universities.

As the operator of the LunAres Station, Space is More portfolio includes various services. Our customers can apply for a full organized mission to either perform their own experiments or to be part of a research programme that was requested by an external institution. Experiments are not limited to single missions; the station is configured to allow experiments to take place over multiple missions to enhance data collection. Customers can also rent the entire facility for their own studies.



  • R&D

    • project coordination

    • support and consultancy

    • prototyping and testing​

  • Design, BIM, CAD, Parametric

    • concepts visualization

    • detailed modelling and software analysis

    • 3D physical models




  • space-related and science topics

  • designed for kids and youth


  • preparation of physical models

  • a digital and printed presentation boards preparation

Public Lectures

  • space-related and science topics

  • company management, business topics



Analog missions preparation

  • mission organization, including pre- and post-flight tests

  • renting facility

Research environment preparation

  • conditions provisioning

  • providing data

Touring and Hackathons

  • organizing tours and lectures about the facility

  • organizing hackathons for student groups

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